5 Reasons You Need to Book Your Ski Holiday Early This Year

People all over the globe are gearing up for another fantastic ski season. Some resorts, like Hintertux in Austria, are open all year around, but many resorts won’t open until later in the year. Now is the time to research what resort and what type of accommodation is right for you. If you book early, you can score some pretty cheap flights and travel arrangements if you are not booking an all-inclusive ski deal. If you are still debating whether or not you should go, or if you simply have never been skiing or snowboarding before, read our top reasons why you need to book early this ski season.

#1 Avoid Peak Season & Peak Prices

Ski and snowboarding holidays aren’t cheap. You can save a great deal of money by simply booking outside the peak weeks at ski resorts. The peak times always coincide with national and international school holidays, so if you aren’t bound by school holidays, why not book a different week? Not only will you pay significantly less for your accommodation – you can save up to £200 if not more per person per week – flights and airport transfers are also cheaper.

#2 Your Pick of The Crop

Not only will accommodation prices be cheaper, when you book early and outside peak times you can also secure the accommodation you want. For example, if you want a little more luxury, book a room at one of the Mark Warner ski resorts. Not only does this include flights and transfers to their resorts in Tignes and other places, you will get top-notch accommodation with meals included. Some chalet hotels include spa facilities or offer nanny services. If you prefer adult-only chalets, this can also be arranged. Simply take your pick!

#3 Cheaper Ski Passes

Ski passes during peak season can also be pricier. Some resorts even have a limit of how many passes they are able to sell per day, so if you’re too late you are simply out of luck. Ski resorts also have family deals on ski passes, where children under certain ages can join for free or discounted prices. Do some research on ski pass perks in your chosen resort, such as women’s day or a free evening of night skiing.


#4 Better Snow

Less skiers and snowboarders mean that the snow remains better throughout the day. When you are a beginner, this will make learning a lot easier. It is less likely you will have to battle your way through mushy snow and icy patches for example. This makes for a much more enjoyable introduction to the amazing world of winter sports. You can focus fully on your technique and the beautiful mountains.

#5 Quieter Pistes & Lifts

Obviously, the actual runs will be a lot quieter as well. Perfect when you are just learning to ski and snowboard; there is less chance of accidentally bumping into someone if you momentarily lose control. Empty pistes are also great when you are a more experienced skier: you can really push yourself to do better on all types of runs, even the intermediate blue or red ones. You will also get a lot more out of your ski pass: less queues at the lifts means you can do more slopes than during high season.


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